Jurassic Politics

The Internet came to break many clichés and some of the journalistic and news obscurantism in which the Cuban authorities had submerged our society. It has been the attentive pin that has been puncturing the inflated balloons of fallacy that sustain dictatorships, and directed the air towards rights and, among them, the freedom of information.

The Cuban government, that boasts about having made our people literate and having raised the level of instruction facilitating the education for all, contradicts itself when it limits or prohibits its citizens’ free access to alternative sources of information from the official propaganda. It intentionally subjects Cubans to an informational illiteracy; because in Cuba there’s no press, only the media of propaganda.

The sociopolitical chess devised by the highest government hierarchy, substituted the knights for dinosaurs and it moves by age-worn squares, too repeated on the chessboard. The long castling isn’t enough, invented after the king already moved, nor does the color of the pieces matter; it seems that biology and modernity will win this match.

 Translated by Adrian Rodriguez

June 27 2011

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