Merry Christmas!

Árbol de la alegría y la esperanza

My greatly appreciated fellow travelers and cybernauts of the world:

Again I post the tree I posted last year for Christmas not only because I like it but because the principles and basis that shape its structure and messages are still current for Cubans and other peoples of the world.

I wish and hope that this new year will bring us the changes we need for the good of all Cubans, because we need to express ourselves freely in the historic platform of a democratic dawn.

We offer to our brothers and sisters born in Cuba, without exclusions of any kind, our message of love, peace and hope in the inevitable coming together and embrace of the children of our beloved people. I wish that we could live as family in the beautiful country God has given us with the respect, dignity and liberty that we deserve.

Feliz Navidad and a prosperous 2013 for my compatriots and for all the peoples of the world!

Havana, Cuba, December 2012

December 18 2012

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