Fundamentalism and Oppression

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Both are ingredients essential to dictatorships and cause fear and immobility and societies. Fundamentalism, whether religious or ideological, is the banner of totalitarian regimes and the quintessential seasoning of the armies and police of oppressive governments. They are the two drugs that produce the group’s eternal dream of remaining in power, to the detriment of the sociopolitical, cultural and economic development of the whole country.

Worth comparing, for example, to what Japan was before and after 1945 and how it exchanged futons for beds, har-kari for mea culpas, and how it evolved from feudalism to be one of the major economic powers of the world. The Korean case is even more illustrative. A people divided by two different government systems: the north, abusive and a violator of people’s fundamental rights, evidence of a manipulated egalitarianism and fictionalized uniformity, while in the south, citizens go on strike, demand their rights, elect governments, produce …

I think of Cuba and what we have and what we will become — if God lets me live — and I feel more optimistic. And so, some time ago I started moving and exercising my right to think, speak and act with freedom of conscience, despite the fifty-year dictatorship that oppresses us, nor do I rest in planting the seeds. Now we are beginning to see the positions…

4 April 2013

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